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Whatever the source of your wealth, there is an opportunity to maximize its potential through our investment planning service.
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Investment Structuring
As part of your Investment plan, we will help you structure your Investment in the most efficient manner to achieve your financial goals. With your project plan in place, it's important that we use the right investment and wealth structures that are appropriate for your needs and suitable for your circumstances. We will take into account considerations such as:
  • The tax-efficient accumulation of investment
  • Planning for a successful retirement
  • The transfer of wealth to the next generation
  • Leaving a lasting legacy through charitable giving

Our Approach
We start by taking the time to understand your financial goals and aspirations investment portfolio.
Your portfolio of investments would be actively funded by our team of professionals as part of our robust and dedicated service. Or, if you prefer to make your own investment decisions, our execution-only service is also available.

By appointing us as your investment or loan manager, you have the benefit of:
  • A portfolio constructed according to your risk appetite, as determined by your personal preferences and financial goals Access to a specialist team that pursues the best global opportunities to meet your objectives
  • A wide spectrum of investment strategies from a global universe of investment opportunities, with no home bias *Diversification across assets, companies, geographies, and industry sectors *Active currency management allows us to be truly global
  • Evaluation of your goals, needs, and risk appetite, we apply our global expertise, whether you wish to grow or protect your wealth, or are seeking a regular income
  • Effectively removing investment-linked emotional biases. Our the investment team is highly qualified and has many years of experience advising clients from a variety of backgrounds and differing needs
We help you to:
  • Understand risk and how it affects you before we make any recommendation to invest
  • Appreciate the long-term nature of investing, as well as support tax-efficient portfolios
  • Receive regular performance reporting and an annual investment review
  • Access investment insights to help you understand world events and how these affect your portfolio on a weekly, monthly, and/or quarterly basis
Our investment approach is designed to provide for a robust and repeatable process. This means our investment decisions are consistent across investments and across our client base. If you take the time to choose us as your investment manager, we think it is important that your portfolio returns are consistent with other clients who share the same risk profile.
Our portfolios are diversified globally, with no home bias, and use currency management to broaden the investment universe without compromise.
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Investing in a plan can help you achieve your aspirations – whether funding a long-term goal, planning for retirement or building a legacy for your family. Appointing a dedicated investment manager is an important step towards achieving your aspirations.

Global Multi-Asset
Our risk-rated, multi-asset investment strategies are designed to meet your global investment needs. The strategies include global cautious, global balanced, global steady growth, and global growth. They can include or exclude UK situs assets. Our global equity, fixed income, and property exposure, with managed currency overlays, reflect our more progressive approach to strategic asset allocation than the typical industry approach, which remains globe biased. Our aim is to provide returns that are within your risk tolerance and aim to meet your long-term investment objectives. Investments can be managed in Euros, Sterling, or US Dollars.
Global Income
Our global income investment strategy aims to generate an income with low volatility and can include or exclude Global situs assets. Our global exposure, with managed currency overlay, reflects our more progressive approach to strategic asset allocation than the typical industry approach which remains Globe biased. With this strategy, you can choose to receive a regular income stream or reinvest your returns in Euros, Sterling, or US Dollars.
Global Equity
Our global equity investment strategy is designed to meet the needs of clients that are seeking pure equity exposure, while benefiting from the strength of our investment research capabilities and risk management framework. It can include. Investments can be managed in'.